CALIBAN – The Awakening

September 12, 2007 0

Roadrunner Records Release Date: 2007-05-25 Caliban is a fictional character in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a deformed monster who is the slave of Prospero. Caliban is also a five-piece Metalcore band from Germany. For those …READ MORE

FUELED BY FIRE – Spread The Fire

September 12, 2007 0

Metal Blade Records Release Date: 2007-08-13 Quite often you see subgenres of Metal vanish, only to surface later. It’s simply the way of the Metal. Sometimes it comes back in the same form and sometimes …READ MORE

TRIBUZY – Execution Live Reunion

August 28, 2007 0

Tribuzy is a Brazilian Power Metal band fronted by singer Renato Tribuzy. In 2005, they released the band’s first (and so far only) studio album. The album (Execution) featured guest performances by Heavy Metal legends …READ MORE

DETONATION – Emission Phase

August 22, 2007 0

The Dutch/American Thrash/Death Metal band Detonation is not an unknown band in the Metal world. They started out in 1997 under the name Infernal Dream, and recorded two songs for a compilation CD under the …READ MORE

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