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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: MANIMAL – Purgatorio

29. August 2018

Fans of Primal Fear will be right at home with Purgatorio, the new album from Manimal. Riff based songs, in-your-face Painkiller influences, and Eric Adams worthy high notes abound on this no-nonsense Heavy Power Metal release. While the songs are, at times, one dimensional and the record has a ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: SOULS OF DEAF!

28. August 2018

Souls Of Deaf  hail from The Netherlands and was originated by Sander Stappers (bass guitar) back in 2015 when he first started writing songs of what now will become the debut album “Fortune Favors The Bold“. Partners in crime are Luc van Rens (guitar), Carl Vereijken (drums) and ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: HITTEN – Twist Of Fate

26. August 2018

Hitten’s 3rd full-length album since forming in 2011 redefines the band’s sound with a new vocalist.  They admit it’s difficult to find a new vocalist, and say this vocalist sings perfectly in low range and can go for insanely high-pitched screams.  Unfortunately “going for” and ...READ MORE

Heavy Metal Bands That Continued With New Singers

25. August 2018

For any band, losing a lead singer for whatever reason can be devastating, and this has happened to several Heavy Metal bands throughout history. Three such bands that have had to move on with someone new on the mic are Mötley Crüe, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC. Interestingly, all three are legends ...READ MORE
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