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JON ANDERSON on 50 Years of YES

30. May 2018

Jon Anderson formed YES 50 years ago and spent most of his career in the band establishing them as one of the biggest Progressive Rock bands on the planet. Ill health forced him out of the band he founded but Anderson picked himself up and worked hard to regain his fitness by touring hard as a solo singer.  He recently reconnected with former YES members Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin and decided to put together his own version of YES who are on the road celebrating their 50th anniversary.  Mick Burgess called up Anderson ahead of his UK shows to chat about the tour, working with Wakeman and Rabin again and staking his claim to the YES name. ...READ MORE

Rocklahoma Festival 2018 Day 3

30. May 2018

Rocklahoma’s third day was another scorcher.  How hot was it?  Temperatures in the 90’s, bands and fans whining about the heat and a Camper Trailer said “to hell with this” and burned to the ground overnight.  Perhaps the trailer fire sucked all the oxygen out of the area because many ...READ MORE


28. May 2018

What is a band supposed to do?  2018 marks the 35th anniversary of the release of Spear of Destiny`s debut album, Grapes of Wrath, so like most bands celebrating such a momentous landmark, it would be a reasonable expectation to mark that event in someway possibly by playing the album in full.   ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: LORDI – Sexorcism

29. May 2018

If you like plodding, predictable songs about hideous things, you might enjoy Sexorcism, the new album from Lordi, their ninth. If casual cruelty without apparent point is your thing, you might find yourself singing along to songs like “The Beast Is Yet To Cum” or “Sodomesticated Animal”, ...READ MORE
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