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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: MARCO MENDOZA – Viva La Rock

5. March 2018

Viva La Rock is the third solo album from prolific bassist and vocalist Marco Mendoza.  Mendoza is currently also a member of the American Rock band The Dead Daisies, and has been a member of Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Whitesnake, the David Lee Roth Band, and many, many others, with a discography of ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: THUNDERMOTHER – Thundermother

5. March 2018

Newly downsized Thundermother return with a self-titled album, the third full length in their four-year history. Only guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil remains, and she elected to not bring in a second guitarist when she was rebuilding the band. What is surprising, but also evident just a few ....READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: EVIL EYE!

4. March 2018

Evil Eye is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Central America influenced by Judas Priest, Accept and DIO. Jeremy J.F., the lead singer of the band, is this coming Friday Guest DJ Hour host to play his 10 most inspiring tracks. Evil Eye released in 2017 their “The Beginning Of The End” ....READ MORE

Album Review: 32HEADSHOTS – Curtain Call

3. March 2018

32HEADSHOTS continues their maturation with a 6-song EP following their 2015 release, American Arrogance. Curtain Call is steeped in angst and doomy menace.  Hook heavy riffs are its strength and the album mix wisely favors the rhythm elements of the band.  While the lead guitar and vocal work ....READ MORE
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