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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: EYNOMIA – Break Free

14. February 2018

Break Free, the debut album from Minneapolis-based Eynomia, reaches listeners with a sound so clear and clean it almost squeaks. There’s nothing squeaky about frontwoman Phyllis Rutter’s voice, however, which rings out pure and smooth at the front of the mix, snaring listeners and pulling them ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: MILE – The World In Focus

12. February 2018

The World In Focus is the second release from Swedish Hard Rock/Metal band Mile.  Mile was created 2012 by former members of Cabinett – Marcus ”Masken” Karlsson (Vocals), Fredrik Palm (Guitar) and Marcus ”Folke” Bass – The line-up was completed by drummer Dennis Kjellgren and ....READ MORE

This Week`s Guest DJs: GENUS ORDINIS DEI

11. February 2018

GENUS ORDINIS DEI is a Death Metal band from Italy. They produce a filled-with-brutality form of Metal ready to cut your heads off right after they’ve filled your ears with virtuoso symphony-inclined tunes. This week they are the Guest DJ to share the 10 tracks most important to them, and ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: MISKATONIC UNION – Astral Quest

11. February 2018

If you don’t know H. P. Lovecraft (an American horror fiction author) you will miss the influence on Miskatonic Union’s music.  For example, Miskatonic is a Lovecraft creation for a fictional university in his stories.  Influence aside, is Astral Quest any good or will this Chilean band, like ....READ MORE


9. February 2018

As our politicians seem to like saying at every opportunity “Difficult choices need to be made.”  With the loveable Canadians, Anvil, playing across town at Trillians and VUUR over at The Cluny on the same night, difficult decisions were indeed called for. With this being Dutch singer Anneke ....READ MORE
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