Hello all, I’m Zac, a Minneapolis, Minnesota native. My interest in Heavy music began in the 70s with my father’s Johnny Cash albums. After cousins introduced me to Steppenwolf, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Johnny Cash didn’t stand a chance. 

The 80s were spent in full pursuit of everything Metal: searching for new music at record stores, listening to albums, studying the covers and sleeves, and attending concerts. Check out the documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot for a glimpse of what the concert scene was like circa 1986.

In the 90s, I preferred Death Metal over Grunge and hosted the Death Metal Juggernaut on WUPX in Marquette, Michigan.  It was advertised as the only prime time Death Metal radio show in the country.  

In the new millennium, my pursuit of the best in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fits well with METAL EXPRESS RADIO.  As an album and concert reviewer, my goal is to herald the best and ignore the rest.   Happy listening!  🤘

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