Daniel Waters

Iron Maiden’s Piece Of Mind wasn’t the first metal album I owned, but it was the one that lifted the lid off my soul when I received the record as a gift on my 15th birthday. I’ve been a Metal fan ever since, as documented in various places as the I Am Thor movie, where I appear as myself, and on the bonus DVD concert included in expanded rerelease of the Fates Warning Perfect Symmetry album, where I appear in the crush at the front of the stage as Long-haired Headbanger #333.


As thrilling as those appearances were, I’m probably best known as the author of various Young Adult novels such as the Generation Dead series and the ghost story Break My Heart 1,000 Times, soon to be a major motion picture starring Bella Thorne. Writing and music, especially Heavy Metal music, have always been inextricably linked in my mind and career. My first paid gig doing any type of writing was for Cemetery Dance, where I wrote a horror-themed music column called Dead Beats, and when I was writing the first Generation Dead novel I had a ritual where I started my writing day with a Metal playlist that kicked off with “Crushing Belial” by Shadows Fall.


I should mention that the photo included with this introduction is a few years old and I look very different now. For example, I’m bald.

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