Dan TungesvickGreetings!

I’m Dan aka NoDakDanT, and I’m hailing from Montana. I grew up cranking tunes from WASP, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, and Helloween but it all started when I “borrowed” my older brother’s Live After Death cassette by Iron Maiden. That was nearly 30 years ago, and I’ve been a metalhead ever since. Shortly after that, my family put up this huge satellite dish in the backyard and coincidentally that’s when MTV first debuted. Back then it was pretty impressive, unlike today. MTV’s Headbangers Ball also brought in bands like Overkill, Anthrax, Motorhead, and Megadeth. Bands the local radio stations wouldn’t touch. So there I was, going to grade school with an Iron Maiden t-shirt with a walkman listening to WASP’s The Last Command.  BTW, local radio still sucks.


I stumbled onto Metal Express Radio back in 2006, and I have had it bookmarked ever since. I instantly believed in MER’s philosophy to give new and old metal bands a chance to get their music out and into the ears of the masses. Metal doesn’t get the justice from local radio as it should. The bands in this genre, I believe, are the most talented musicians on the planet, and they deserve recognition. My objective at MER is promoting Metal music and bring new bands and their music to your attention.


I have a degree in IT and run my own computer business which puts me in an office most of the week which is an excellent opportunity to jam. I have a few guitars on the wall and a Marshal Amp under my desk.  As of the last few years, I’ve been cranking tunes from the neoclassical progressive melodic metal genre. Iron Fire, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Dragonforce, Rhapsody, Falconer, Hammerfall, Excalion and Hibria to name a few of my favorites. I’m also a concert junkie. Some people gamble, some drink, some smoke, but I prefer live music. My first concert was KISS in ’88, I was 12 yrs old. Someday I’ll hit the European music festivals.


Cold beer and ice-cold beer are my two beverages of choice.


Email me if you’d like to have a conversation.


My TOP 10 LIST from 2016

  • Megadeth – Utopia
  • Freedom Call – Master of Light
  • Sabaton – The Last Stand
  • Metallica – Hardwired… to self destruct
  • Herman Frank – The Devil Riders Out
  • Iron Mask – Diabolical
  • Anthrax – For All Kings
  • Far Beyond – A Frozen Flame of Ice
  • Sixx AM – Prayers For The Blessed
  • Pretty Maids – Kingmaker


Other mentions:

Eden’s Curse – Cardinal

Hammerfall – Bulit to Last

Fates Warning – Theories Of Light

King Company – One For The Road

Crimson Fire – Fireborn