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Dan ‘Ena’ Enqvist



I’m Dan and this crew’s only Swede. I live right between Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden in a small town called Karlstad. It’s easy to find on a map or a globe. Karlstad is on the top of the lake Vänern. Ok, enough of the geographical shit.

I grew up listening to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran etc. When I was about 8 years old I heard this band that my big brother used to listen to. The band was Whitesnake and the album was Saints & Sinners. I got hooked and started to explore more bands like Def Leppard, Saxon, and Iron Maiden. Now I listen to Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll almost every minute when I’m awake. My favorite band is still Iron Maiden, but I enjoy more or less everything that rocks and kicks ass — AOR to Death Metal.



I met Stigmeister in the VIP bar at Sweden Rock Festival 2011. I was there with my girlfriend and we ended up at the same table as Stig and his friends. After a couple of beers we started talking and actually had a great time. 🙂 That’s the story and why I am now a member of this fine, fine crew.

Other nonsense to know about me is that I drink way too much coffee.

In my opinion, the best album this year is … Dynazty’s Renatus!

Horns up! \,,/


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