Hi metalheads,

I am Christian from Germany. I live close to Munich, which most of you might know from the famous “Oktoberfest”. Since my teenage years I am a complete metalhead. I started with bands like Helloween and Iron Maiden and now mainly listen to power metal, symphonic metal, gothic rock, hard rock and everything else that has catchy melodies and a fast beat ;-). Been to W:O:A the third time this year, which is always like coming home.

When I am not playing music (guitar, piano) or listening to it, I write a lot (check out my Breakbuster short stories: https://www.facebook.com/breakbusterbook/) or spend some time at my regular job.

I joined MER in 2016 and am currently screening new albums to provide you with fresh tracks from known and mostly new surprising bands!

Here are my top album picks for 2017:

  1. Beyond the Black – Lost in Forever (Tour Edition)
  2. Beast in Black – Berserker
  3. Eskimo Callboy – The Scene
  4. Grumpynators – City Of Sin
  5. Adrenaline Rush – Soul Survivor
  6. Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence
  7. Unleash The Archers – Apex
  8. Starbynary – Divina Commedia Inferno
  9. Xandria – Theater Of Dimensions
  10. White Skull – Will Of The Strong

It’s not easy to pick my top 10 albums in 2016, but I give it try including some albums that particularly impressed or surprised me:

  • Far Beyond – “A Frozen Flame Of Ice” – My top pick of the year: melodic death metal, varying speed and style, got very addicted to that one!
  • Dynazty – “Titanic Mass” – Very groovy and rocking, I especially like the opening track.
  • Xandria – “Sacrificium” – I always liked female-fronted metal. Symphonic metal at its best!
  • Sabaton – “The Last Stand” – What shall I say? Another great album from my most favorite band.
  • Freedom Call – “Master Of Light” – What? You have never heard of “Happy Metal”?? Check this out!
  • Aeternitas – “House Of Usher” – Melancholic sound with two singers and strong lyrics.
  • Stojar – “At Twilight Of Battles By The Hammer Of Thunderstorms” – Yes, Russian melodic death metal. Why not? No clue about the lyrics, but the sound is great.
  • Hevidence – “Nobody’s Fault” – Great mix of Rock ‘n’ Roll and metal. Just tune in and keep rocking!
  • The Kreoles – “Psycho” – Female fronted (great voice!) hard rock/metal
  • Deathless Legacy – “Dance With Devils” – A special pick at the end. I did not know the genre “Horror Metal” even existed ;-).