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January 2018

MER Crew Top 10 Show

January 5
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January 12

SYMETRIA is a New Jersey old school influenced  metal band. They absorb energy from classic bands like Anthrax and Overkill, mix it with 21st Century evolved understanding and much more desire to blow you on the face with metal - they love it and live it. SYMETRIA's vocalist Vince is our Guest DJ and we’ll present their latest self-titled album widely after the show. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST this Friday to hear…

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January 19

NIVIANE is a power metal band from Sacramento, California. There’s a strong influence of Judas Priest , focus on the fantasy theme in lyrics and no compromise in sound – metal from first to last tune. Guitarist Gary Tarplee is our Guest DJ today and he’s going to lead you through his 10 most influential songs ever. NIVIANE released their debut album “The Druid King” in 2017 and we’ll play a bunch of tracks from it after the show. Tune…

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January 26

Airbound is an Italian melodic hard rock band influenced by the likes of Journey and Survivor, but presented with personal and contemporary sound. Today they host the Guest DJ Hour and we’ll play a sequence of tracks after the show from their self-titled debut album released in 2017. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST this Friday to hear the show! While you wait check out the video teaser for the Airbound's self-titled debut album:…

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February 2018

Vessel Of Light

February 2

Vessel Of Light is a fresh metal project formed by Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction, The Cursed) and Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom). It goes to the likes of Danzig and Alice In Chains. Dan is this week’s Guest DJ and he’s going to play he’s 10 most influential tracks for you – a diversity of hard rock and metal.  The band issued a self-titled  EP in 2017 and we’re going to pay some more attention to it after the show. Tune…

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Dustin Behm

February 9
Dustin Behm

Guitarist Dustin Behm picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and later attended the Guitar Institute of Technology at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with world renowned guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Greg Harrison and tapping master TJ Helmerich. Dustin's debut album The Beyond hit North America on January 19th via Rockshots Records after being unleashed in Europe this past November. The Beyond was inspired musically by early 90’s progressive death metal…

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Genus Ordinis Dei

February 16

GENUS ORDINIS DEI is a death-metal band from Italy. They produce a full with brutality metal ready to cut your heads off right after they've filled your ears with virtuoso symphony inclined tunes. This week they are the Guest DJ to show off with the 10 most important tracks for them and we'll play a bunch of tracks from their 2017 album "Great Olden Dynasty" after the show. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST this Friday…

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St. Elmo’s Fire

February 23

St. Elmo’s Fire’s Jeff Jones is this week’s Guest DJ. The California based hard rock veterans emerged again in 2015 after 13 years of hiatus with re-issue of their four previous records, the latest one from 1992! In 2017 the band rose again stronger than ever with three new members and a fresh new album “Evil Never Sleeps”, tracks from which we’ll spin after the show. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST this Friday…

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March 2018


March 2

HateMore is a Dutch metal band co-founded by Robert Soeterbroek (guitar/vocals) and Rolf Geerlof (guitar/backing vocals). This week Robert is our Guest DJ and he's going to represent himself with his 10 most influential tracks which led him to creating the band and its first child - the debut album "The Pain Of Loss" released in 2017. Get some more from HateMore after the show while we play a sequence of tracks by the band. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00…

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Evil Eye

March 9

Evil Eye is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Central America influenced by Judas Priest, Accept and DIO. Jeremy J.F., the lead singer of the band, is this coming Friday Guest DJ Hour host to play his 10 most inspiring tracks. Evil Eye released in 2017 their "The Beginning Of The End" album with the special contribution of legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Europe, Kix, Winger). Stay tuned to listen to the entire show, as well as the sequence of tracks…

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Jacob Cade

March 16
Jacob Cade

"There is a new name about to burst on the rock scene, that mixes the styles of Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses - and that name is Jacob Cade. “Energetic rock n’ roll with a modern twist” is how this singer/guitarist/band leader from Colorado likes to describe his music. Cade is working closely with legendary producer Michael Wagener (whose credits include working with the likes of Metallica, Dokken, King’s X, etc.). Plans include issuing a string of singles, before…

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March 23

Eufobia hail from Bulgaria and they serve you a melodic thrash death metal dishes. The name EUFOBIA was chosen from the ancient Greek language where it literally means "fear of good". Niki Dochev – the lead singer and guitarist of the band, is this week’s Guest DJ. He’s got a wide range of metal subgenres influences and is thrilled to show off and plays his 10 most inspiring songs. Also, do not miss the latest Eufobia’s self-titled album as we’re…

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March 30
WildeStarr Band 2017

US Metal powerhouse WildeStarr will release their new album Beyond The Rain on Friday, December 8th on Scarlet Records. WildeStarr is the combined talents of 3 of the most dynamic musicians in Heavy Metal today: Dave Starr (Vicious Rumors, Chastain), on all guitars & bass, London Wilde on vocals (who many regard as highly as Rob Halford, Dio, and Geoff Tate), and powerhouse drummer Josh Foster. WildeStarr’s new album Beyond The Rain takes the listener on a harrowing ride and…

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April 2018


April 6

Frida Ohlin is lead vocalist and keyboardist for the Swedish melodic metal band REXORIA. This band was formed in 2016 and they incorporate some folk elements in raising their metal childs. After two EPs since foundation in 2018 REXORIA release their first full-length album "Queen Of Light".  Check out the bloc of tracks from this record we're going to play after the show which Frida hosts as this week's Guest DJ. Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00 CET/ 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST this Friday…

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Dark Hound

April 13

Dark Hound is a metal band from Nashville, TN. Since releasing their first record in 2014 they've been "in their pursuit to kick asses, melt faces, and lay waste".  Now they have come to produce the newest 2018 self-released album "Dawning". Evan Hensley - a guitarist for Dark Hound is going to represent the band as being this week's Guest DJ. Pay attention to the tracks from the latest band's record we're going to present after the show.  Tune in at 15:00 and 21:00…

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Justify Rebellion

April 20

Justify Rebellion is a metal band from Denmark and release the "Unleashing The Beast"  debut album in 2018. As their distributor Mighty Music points out "The sound of the album is inspired by the hard edge of the 80’s and the songs do have a tiny touch and sometimes a strong mixture of heavy metal and thrash...".  This very promising band is this week's Guest DJ to let you know how they have been influenced during the years. Do not…

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Granny 4 Barrel

April 27
Granny 4 Barrel DJ

Imagine if Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Alice Cooper had a grandmother that fronted a rock band...enter Granny 4 Barrel! A Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare - she is the Matriarch of Metal! "Granny is an alter-ego character, an amalgam of contradictions, a dichotomy of old and feeble meets youth, power and vigor,” explains the singer of Granny 4 Barrel, who goes by the name "Granny". “She represents freedom of expression, no limits on a person, and I channel her…

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May 2018

Retrace My Fragments

May 4

Retrace My Fragments is a metal band influenced by metalcore, death metal, thrash metal and progressive metal. After their first album "Ethereal Flux" they have evolved into entirely instrumental progressive metal band with the self-released in 2017 follow up "Tidal Lock" EP.  Retrace My Fragments are this week’s Guest DJ and after they’ve played their 10 most influential tracks we’ll add up with a bloc of tracks by themselves – a mixture full with melody, excellent musicianship and a lot of brutality. Tune…

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Stage Of Reality

May 18

At the beginning of 2012 Andrea Neri, former guitarist of Blaze Bayley for the album "The King of Metal", experienced the split up of his band, the progressive metal project Astarte Syriaca. Despite the fortunate period for the musician, performing live with Bayley and composing for theatre and television, he longed  for a solo project, a way to express his own style and message. Two years later, in 2014, Stage of Reality came to life. In 2017 Stage of Reality released their third…

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Tara Lynch

May 25
Tara Lynch

Tara Lynch (aka “Gui-Tara”) is a guitarist, composer, vocalist and songwriter who delivers heavy metal thunder with prominent melodic guitar riffs, shredding leads and powerhouse vocals. Tara just released her debut album Evil Enough this April. Evil Enough is a melodic metal album featuring Tara Lynch on all guitars and vocals along with an all-star lineup of guest performances by Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio), Tony MacAlpine (solo/Planet X), Phil Soussan (Ozzy/Billy Idol), Mark Boals (Dokken/Yngwie Malmsteen), Brent Woods (Vince Neil/Sebastian…

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