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Featuring new albums from  White Wizzard, Rexoria, Joe Satriani and Sonic Prophecy! Hear the albums on the Daily Album Premiere Shows and read the reviews here!

Tune in the Daily Album Premiere Show to hear the finest metal releases just now hitting the streets! See this week´s schedule here!

Monday White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive
Tuesday Rexoria Queen of Light
Wednesday Joe Satriani What Happens Next
Thursday Sonic Prophecy Savage Gods

Songs from these new releases will be featured at 6:00/18:00 CET & Midnight/Noon EST on the days indicated. All featured albums will have a short review posted the day it’s on the show!

The FRIDAY edition of the Daily Album Premiere show contains 3 tracks from each of the Daily Premiere Albums. Be sure to tune in here!

See all the new albums on power rotation here! 

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