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Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: THE DEAD DAISIES – Make Some Noise

by Soft Boy

The Dead Daisies_Make Some Noise_1500x1500pxThe Dead Daisies are a “supergroup” assembled by Doug Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink), with the supporting cast for Make Some Noise (3rd studio record) of Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, John Corabi, and Brian Tichy … all from well-known bands.  The Dead Daisies have adopted a Classic Hard Rock platform, coupled with Blues rhythms and plenty of strong, driving powerchords.  This record features 12 tracks — of which 2 are covers of “Fortunate Son” (CCR) and “Join Together” (The Who), the latter of which can arguably be deemed the highlight of Make Some Noise.  Overall a solid effort … perhaps suffering from lack of song differentiation.

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