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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: EYNOMIA – Break Free

by Daniel Waters

Break Free, the debut album from Minneapolis-based Eynomia, reaches listeners with a sound so clear and clean it almost squeaks. There’s nothing squeaky about frontwoman Phyllis Rutter’s voice, however, which rings out pure and smooth at the front of the mix, snaring listeners and pulling them along through the album’s nine Symphonic Metal songs. Guitar work is courtesy of Chris Bickley, who throws in some acoustic and classical touches here and there (“Till We Meet Again” and the title cut) as well as tone-perfect solos. Keyboards are used mainly for atmosphere, although occasionally they take a central role such as in the intro to “Cleansing”, the albums opening cut. The musicianship is solid throughout, although there are few incendiary moments. But maybe that’s the point—no individual songs really stand out on the album, and while the band never seems to catch fire the overall sound is quite alluring at different passages. The gentle keyboard washes, piano trills and beautiful layered vocals of “Through Your Eyes” evokes a soothing, calm mood and feel; it is probably the best song on the album but there’s nothing Metal about it. The follow up, “I Can Tell”, is a unique, interestingly constructed tune, with a raga-esque sitar run in the second verse, a solid chorus, and guitars and keys trading solos, but the songs primary force comes from Phyllis; her voice is so forward in the mix it nearly overpowers the rest of the band. The balance is restored on “Take A Look”, Eynomia’s uptempo number, and continued on closer “When Its Over”. Overall, a sonically pleasing debut.


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