Daily Album Premiere Thursday: DOLL HAZARD – Transatlantic Meltdown

by Soft Boy

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    DOLL HAZARD - Transatlantic Meltdown - 8/10


Transatlantic Meltdown
December 2017

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Doll Hazard is a collaboration between 2 Glam/Sleaze/Punk Metal veterans:  Chris Damien Doll (Norway) and Sandy Hazard (Canada).  Both have been very active lately with their primary bands, Suicide Bombers and Dirtbag Republic, respectively, and have released some pretty impressive albums already in 2017.  Their objective in joining talents was to create Transatlantic Meltdown, which would entail both artists giving full effort towards creating Sleaze Metal in its rawest garage band form, despite being thousands of miles apart.

Doll handles the guitar and bass duties on this album and Hazard (man-) handles the drums, but oddly, both Doll and Hazard are vocalists for their primary bands, so there inherently is the question on who sounds best at the microphone for which songs.  An interesting way to get past this conflict is for both to sing at the same time on a number of songs … your decision on whether or not that works best.

What does work is the chemistry between Doll and Hazard.  They have indeed created a solid Sleaze album with the right balance of catchy and wonderfully simplistic riffs, mildly offensive lyrics, and perhaps most importantly a “devil may care” attitude.  There’s a refreshingly raw feel to their sound and writing approach, much like the New York Dolls and to some degree The Sex Pistols (although no intent to start riots).  However, Doll and Hazard wrap all that up while maintaining control and elements of fun.  After all, isn’t “fun” what Sleaze is all about?

Fans of Hanoi Rocks, early Motley Crue, New York Dolls, The Sex Pistols, and anything Doll and Hazard have been involved with in the past will definitely find plenty to enjoy in Transatlantic Meltdown, as will anyone who gets into “bad boy” garage band music that’s brash and rough around the edges.

Tune into the Daily Album Premiere show this Thursday at 6:00 and 18:00 CET (noon and midnight EST) to hear tracks featured from this release!

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