Daily Album Premiere Monday: FELSKINN – Mind Over Matter

by Zac Halter

  • 5.5/10
    FELSKINN – Mind Over Matter - 5.5/10


Mind Over Matter
Rock Of Angels Records
16 March 2018

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After disbanding in 2008, Switzerland’s Felskinn returns with Mind Over Matter, an album the band states is “…ready to hit the world wide market!!!!”  To ensure success, the album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen known for his modern sounding production with Primal Fear and Volbeat.  While Hansen delivers an album cleanly mixed with rich, clear tones and a crunching punch which is above reproach, the material with which Hansen had to work is of dubious and inconsistent quality.

Album opener, ”Close Your Eyes”, is an amalgam of uninspired mid-tempo riffs and the oft repeated chorus “…close your eyes, close the door…”  This unimaginative song writing lacks musical complexity or inspirational lyrics and plagues most of the album. For instance, the wet blanket power ballads “Our Favourite Game” and “Wake Up On Mars” feature insipid choruses and underdeveloped melodies.  There are few bright spots, the rumbling bass guitar intro of “Superhero” heralds some menace and refreshing swagger. This well-constructed song utilizes clever bridges to alternate between chugging Groove Metal and bold power riffs.  The headbang-worthy vibe and engaging lyrics make this the top song on the album.  While this level of song writing excellence is not reached again, the song, “Pictures In My Dreams” comes close.  Once again, the band makes an effort to be creative both musically and lyrically.  The band also manages to unchain the guitars to feature some horns-worthy solos. Other minor highlights are ‘Bastards Out”, a rollicking high speed burner, and “Rain Will Fall” with its infectious, melodic chorus.

It is evident Felskinn has the skills to write and perform top-shelf Traditional Heavy Metal but an album with two remarkable songs isn’t ready to hit the worldwide market; it’s rushed to the worldwide market. Recommended for current fans of the band and die hard Traditional Heavy Metal fans.


Track Listing:

1. Close Your Eyes
2. Pictures In My Dreams
3. Dying Man
4. The Night Before The Dawn
5. Our Favourite Game
6. Bastards Out
7. Break New Ground
8. Superhero
9. Rain Will Fall
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Wake Up On Mars
12. I Hear You Calling

Band Members:

Andy Portmann, Vocals
Cyril Montavon, Guitars, BK Vocals
Hef Häfliger, Lead Guitars
Beat Schaub, Bass
Flavio Mezzodi, Drums



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