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  1. Great play Dj. A merry X-mas to you and the crew . Cheers & Rock On!

  2. Happy New Year.

    Let it CRACK.


  3. I know that it’s already have been a while since new web site came on-line, but still I wanted to tell that it’s really good. I really like Previous and next song section that wasn’t on old page. Just a suggestion, could it be possible to like create section with previous 50 songs and times there were played.
    Sometime I listen on my phone in car and I don’t have time to see phone, but I can note time it was played.

  4. Hey! We’re a new English three-piece project (vocals, guitars and synth) and we’d love to have our music featured on your station. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    Our EPK:

    All the best, THV

  5. You know Stig? The best thing that ever happened in my “musical interest career” was purchasing a music system that introduced me to internet radio. Discover MER was next. You have made aware to me so many new and old bands that have eluded my knowledge of their existence. Where have I been? I’ve always kept my ear open for new music but how come I’ve never heard of these bands? Rock does not get enough promotion and to me that is so sad. Anyway, I want to thank you for entertaining my ear and I hope for always that you can keep up the good work. I donate a meager amount each month because I don’t believe I should get such pleasure for free. Keeparockin!

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