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TYPE O NEGATIVE – Rockefeller, Oslo

16. September 2015

24. June 2003 by: GUEST WRITER Email: The recent Type O Negative tour took the Brooklyn goth-rockers to Oslo in support of their sixth album (including a best of compilation, dubbed “The Least Worst Of” in typical Type O fashion), which is tellingly titled “Life Is ...READ MORE

GREAT WHITE – Live In Sioux City, Iowa

16. September 2015

August 1. 2003 by: GUEST WRITER Email: Great White played in Sioux City, Iowa on the 4th show of their latest tour, a tour that is regretfully haunted by the deaths of 100 fans from the Rhode Island tragedy. Historically speaking, Great White, even though they did sell ...READ MORE

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT – Riga, Latvia & Tallinn, Estonia

16. September 2015

  Imagine that – Blackmore’s Night finally steps on Norwegian soil, and I am away for the Sweden Rock Festival… I almost changed my mind regarding that festival – I mean; Blackmore’s Night in MY neck of the wood, but after having done so every year (as something else always came up), ...READ MORE

GREAT WHITE – House Of Blues, Chicago

15. September 2015

07. December 2002 by: FRODE JOHNSRUD Email: Downtown Chicago on a cold Saturday afternoon, I get this weird feeling when I see the House Of Blues announcing Great White, like it was the same band playing as back in the day. Ok, I bet they simply need to sell the tickets, ...READ MORE

STRATOVARIUS – Rockefeller, Oslo

15. September 2015

26. March 2003 by: FRODE JOHNSRUD Email: Stratovarius always give the audience a good package. Formerly touring with bands like Angra and inviting Rhapsody on the bill some three years ago, this year they have the balls to let New Jersey’s neoclassical and progressive ...READ MORE

SOULFLY – Rockefeller, Oslo

15. September 2015

27.01.03 by: GUEST WRITER Email: From the ashes of Brazilian metal legends Sepultura arose Soulfly, founded by flamboyant vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Max Cavalera. He was more or less single-handedly responsible for some of the most brutal and inventive music to be ...READ MORE
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