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7. February 2018

   There is a saying in music that more is less and that one note can say more than a thousand and that may well be true in some cases with BB King being a prime example but in others the entire opposite can also apply.  Therion`s latest album, Beloved Anti-Christ, which is due out at the end of ....READ MORE


4. February 2018

  It may have taken a mere 40 years or so for them to come back to Newcastle but U.S Punk legends the Dead Boys finally made the return visit following their previous show opening for The Damned at the City Hall in 1977. Their ferocious debut Young, Loud and Snotty perfectly captured the very ....READ MORE


27. January 2018

Having a Rockabilly band complete with stand-up double bass player and drummer may seem an odd opener for Punk veterans The Damned, but former Stray Cat drummer, Slim Jim Phantom, is no ordinary guy having strayed across boundaries with the likes of Motorhead`s Lemmy on many occasions.  His ....READ MORE


17. January 2018

It`s not everyday that a million selling album is performed in its entirety by the creator and voice behind the music in a small bar in Newcastle. Trillians pulled off a major coup in signing up former Queensryche lead singer for a show in celebration of the ground-breaking Operation Mindcrime ....READ MORE


20. December 2017

   In the `70`s any Rock band worth their salt would release a live album, usually a double, with a sumptuous gatefold sleeve. So many of the albums now regarded as timeless classics such as Deep Purple Made In Japan, KISS Alive, UFO Strangers In The Night and Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous to ....READ MORE


14. December 2017

  Towards the end of the `80`s, Hard Rock and Funk became somewhat unusual bedfellows where hard hitting riffs collided with deep grooves to create an invigorating twist on two well established genres. Sure, it wasn`t entirely new with Sly and the Family Stone and Mother`s Finest and even ....READ MORE


7. December 2017

  Those preferring a pre-show pint in the newly refurbished bar of the City Hall may well have just missed one of those all too rare, “I saw them as a support band” moments.  Cats In Space have been making quite a name for themselves over the last couple of years and with a growing reputation ....READ MORE
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