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MAGNITUDE 9 – Reality In Focus

6. September 2015

Inside Out Release Date: Out Now by: FRODE JOHNSRUD Email: The first album, “Chaos To Control” from 1998, never found its way to my postbox, but “Reality In Focus” did, and I really can’t complain much. I had to give the new record from the band based around ....READ MORE

PAUL DIANNO – The Beast Live

5. September 2015

Spitfire Release Date: Out Now by: FRODE JOHNSRUD Email: It`s been a long time since Paul fronted Iron Maiden, and for most metal fans, Iron Maiden is synonymous with Bruce Dickinson galloping all over the stage, in tight leather pants and operatic vocals. But, for a few ....READ MORE

ZANDELLE – Perseverance

19. August 2015

Zandelle is an atmospheric Power Metal band from the USA that has been around for 2 decades and has a strong handful of albums to their credit. Their latest is entitled Perseverance, and looking through the band’s history, perseverance looks to be an apropos title. Zandelle is one of those bands ....READ MORE

STORMZONE – Seven Sins

18. August 2015

  Stormzone is a Melodic Metal band out of Ireland with a handful of albums to their credit, the latest being Seven Sins. The album follows a “dark” story line of Dr. Dealer and his travelling Emporium. The key with any album following a definitive story line is its ability to communicate ....READ MORE

SYMPHONY X – Underworld

3. August 2015

New Jersey, USA-based Symphony X has released their 9th studio album entitled Underworld, which is topically influenced by the literary masterpiece: Dante’s Inferno.   This album is one of those albums where there’s plenty going on behind already good songs. Notes and sounds, peaks and ....READ MORE

LAMB OF GOD – VII: Sturm Und Drang

29. July 2015

The latest release by Hardcore heavyweights Lamb Of God is entitled VII: Sturm Und Drang — German for “turbulent emotion or stress” — a well-suited title for a Lamb Of God album. This band has never forgotten their roots and has always demonstrated an unbelievable work-ethic, along ....READ MORE

JOE SATRIANI – Shockwave Supernova

27. July 2015

Guitar legend and guru Joe Satriani is releasing – believe it or not – his 15th studio album, entitled Shockwave Supernova. When you reach numbers that high as an instrumentalist, it goes without saying that you’ve got to delve into uncharted waters more than occasionally in order to keep ....READ MORE
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