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GLENN HUGHES “I would certainly work with Tony Iommi again when he`s ready”

5. September 2018

He may have only been a member of Deep Purple for three years but bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, helped produce three albums that have stood the test of time almost four decades later.  Mick Burgess called up a chatty Hughes to discuss his latest tour celebrating his tenure in Deep Purple and asked about the prospect of a new Black Country Communion album and working with Tony Iommi again. ...READ MORE

This Week’s Guest DJs: MATTERHORN

27. June 2018

Matterhorn is a metal band from Adelaide, Australia. They emerged in 2009 because metal is all about the riff, the feeling, the sound, the urge and all they wanted was to deliver pure unadulterated heavy freakin’ metal to assault your senses! Playing a lot here and there during the years , ...READ MORE

This Weeks Guest DJs: RATBREED!

17. June 2018

Formed in 2015, Ratbreed have quickly established themselves as one of the most promising acts in Finnish heavy metal scene. The band gained reputation as a hard rocking live act at local clubs. In the spring of 2017 the band thought they had enough material to record an album. As a result the ...READ MORE


13. June 2018

I wonder what a venom spitting, establishment bashing Johnny Rotten would have made of the prospect of a 40th anniversary tour back at the height of the foundation shaking explosion of the Sex Pistols back in 1977? The Pistols may have flickered very brightly and ever so briefly but they certainly ...READ MORE


13. June 2018

For someone who has, over the years, recorded and toured for 30 odd years with the likes of Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Black Star Riders, Delores O`Riordan and er…..Right Said Fred, yes, really, Marco Mendoza certainly has a rather impressive and varied CV.  You`d have thought however, ...READ MORE

This Week´s Friday Guest DJ Show Host: GRANNY 4 BARREL!

25. April 2018

Imagine if Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Alice Cooper had a grandmother that fronted a rock band…enter Granny 4 Barrel! A Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare – she is the Matriarch of Metal! “Granny is an alter-ego character, an amalgam of contradictions, a dichotomy of ...READ MORE
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