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11. March 2018

There was a real sense that for many in the Academy that this moment would never come. The chances of seeing the post Hard Core rabble rousers, At The Drive In, again seemed nothing short of impossible.  After bursting onto the scene in the mid `90`s, giving the jaded scene a real shake up, ....READ MORE

Interview with Cristofer Johnsson of Therion

1. March 2018

Symphonic Gothic Rockers, Therion, made a rare appearance in the UK recently so Mick Burgess took the opportunity to talk to their mainman and brainchild, Cristofer Johnsson, to find out about their expansive three disc, 3 hour long, new album and the plans to take it to the stage with full choir ....READ MORE


25. February 2018

This was only ever meant to be a one off; a series of dates featuring songs by Dan Reed and Danny Vaughn performed acoustically. The only issue for this one-off tour was that it just became too popular.  The whole tour sold out and demand was high for another.  The second tour exceeded the first ....READ MORE

On This Week`s Guest DJ Show: HateMore!

26. February 2018

HateMore is a Dutch metal band co-founded by Robert Soeterbroek (guitar/vocals) and Rolf Geerlof (guitar/backing vocals). This week Robert is our Guest DJ and he’s going to represent himself with his 10 most influential tracks which led him to creating the band and its first child – ....READ MORE


7. February 2018

   There is a saying in music that more is less and that one note can say more than a thousand and that may well be true in some cases with BB King being a prime example but in others the entire opposite can also apply.  Therion`s latest album, Beloved Anti-Christ, which is due out at the end of ....READ MORE
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