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Jess Cox Interview Posted!

4. March 2015

Jess Cox Interview Posted!   Former Tygers of Pan Tang singer was at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in Newcastle and now runs his own label.   Mick Burgess chatted to him ahead of the Brofest Metal Festival in Newcastle.   Read the interview ....READ MORE

Jess Cox (Tygers of Pan Tang)

2. March 2015

by: MICK BURGESS – 2015-2-23 15:3:30 email: mick@ Next weekend it`s the Brofest Heavy Metal Festival at Northumbria University.  Are you looking forward to it?   Yes I am. There are loads of bands playing over three days and some of them have reformed especially ....READ MORE

Interview Michael Schenker

16. February 2015

You`ll soon be over in the UK for a 9 date tour. Are you looking forward to playing for your UK fans again? Absolutely. I love playing in the UK and I always love to tour and visit places I`ve played many times and some places I haven`t played before. The first night of your tour is up here in ....READ MORE

Interview Joe Elliott (Def Leppard/Down `n` Outz)

16. February 2015

You`re just about to start a 10 date tour with the Down `n` Outz. Are you looking forward to getting started?   Very much so. It`s going to be a chalk and cheese moment for me as we`ve just done a huge tour of the States with Kiss in 25,000 seater stadiums and with the Down `n Outz we`ll be ....READ MORE


7. December 2014

It’s been 6 years since their last album and for a while it looked like American progsters Bigelf were no more but they are back with a new album, Into the Maelstrom. Mick Burgess spent some time with mainman Damon Fox to find out what happened and how the band overcame a series of problems ....READ MORE


30. November 2014

Metal Express Radio’s Stig Nordahl caught up with the guitar wizard from TNT, Ronni Le Tekrø, to talk about his new solo album, Mein Ampf, the two sequels that are planned, the vidoes for the album and the current plans for TNT now that singer Tony Harnell is ....READ MORE
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