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STEVE HACKETT (GENESIS) “This will be a mighty show”

August 17, 2018 0

The music of Genesis has always been grandiose in scope but guitarist Steve Hackett has taken things one step further with his latest Genesis Revisited tour with a full 41-piece orchestra.  Mick Burgess called him up to talk about the tour and the progress of his forthcoming solo album. …READ MORE

JIM McCARTY Would be up for a Yardbirds Reunion With Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton

June 9, 2018 0

The impact of the legendary The Yardbirds on the formation of Hard Rock cannot be underestimated.  Their influence on Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith and Rainbow and many others is undeniable.  Drummer, Jim McCarty was the only ever present member of the band and saw Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page come and go.  Mick Burgess called him up to chat about his new solo album Walking In The Wild Land that sees him in a more singer songwriter reflective mood. He explained the Rush connection that saw Alex Lifeson, Terry Brown and Hugh Syme become involved in his record.  He also spoke candidly about his time in The Yardbirds and the enticing possibility of a reunion one day with Beck, Clapton and Page. …READ MORE

JOHN LYDON “I`ll Not Let The Queen Put A Sword Anywhere Near My Neck”

June 3, 2018 0

He burst onto the music scene in the mid `70`s and shook it to its very core as Johnny Rotten fronting the Sex Pistols.  Now a little older and wiser he`s celebrating 40 years of Public Image Limited, the band he formed after the Pistols had crashed and burned.  Mick Burgess caught up with a hugely jovial, witty and eloquent John Lydon to talk about 40 years of PiL, the celebratory tour, career spanning box set and the prospect of being knighted by the Queen of England. …READ MORE

JON ANDERSON on 50 Years of YES

May 30, 2018 4

Jon Anderson formed YES 50 years ago and spent most of his career in the band establishing them as one of the biggest Progressive Rock bands on the planet. Ill health forced him out of the band he founded but Anderson picked himself up and worked hard to regain his fitness by touring hard as a solo singer.  He recently reconnected with former YES members Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin and decided to put together his own version of YES who are on the road celebrating their 50th anniversary.  Mick Burgess called up Anderson ahead of his UK shows to chat about the tour, working with Wakeman and Rabin again and staking his claim to the YES name. …READ MORE

EDENTHORN On Recording Exist

April 24, 2018 1

Durham based Modern Hard Rock band, Edenthorn, have just released their second album Exist.  Mick Burgess sat down with brothers Kyle and Mark Tague and brother/sister Fabia and Dylan Gardner to talk about the formation of the band, the recording of Exist and plans for the future. …READ MORE

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