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DAVE PARSONS (SHAM 69) Interview

10. October 2017

Punk legends SHAM 69, scored a run of Top 20 singles and albums throughout the late `70`s with their brand of foot-stomping, football terrace chant-a-long anthems for the disaffected youth.  Now they are back with original members Jimmy Pursey, Dave Parsons and Dave Tregunna and are about to hit the road.  Mick Burgess caught up with guitarist DAVE PARSONS to talk about life on the road, his thoughts on the fake band using their name and the prospects of a new record and how they ended up working with Velvet Underground legend, John Cale on their first single. ....READ MORE


27. September 2017

Inglorious are one of the most highly rated new bands of recent years drawing on Classic Rock influences of the `70`s and 80`s but bringing them bang up to date and in vocalist Nathan James have a singer tipped as a successor to the likes of Coverdale, Gillan and Dio.  Mick Burgess called James ahead of the UK shows to talk about the tour and the latest album Inglorious II. ....READ MORE

Living Colours`s Corey Glover about the new album and starring in the movie Platoon!

24. September 2017

When Living Colour burst onto the scene with the release of Vivid in 1988 the created quite a stir with their potent blend of Hard Rock and Funk garnering them critical acclaim and a Grammy in the process. They are back with a UK tour and their first new album in 8 years called Shade.  Mick Burgess sat down for a chat with lead singer Corey Glover to talk about the album and starring in the movie Platoon. ....READ MORE

JEFF TURNER (COCKNEY REJECTS) about his love of Classic Rock, working with UFOs Pete Way and their Heavy Metal sets with Anthrax.

20. September 2017

From a tough working class upbringing in the heart of the East End of London, the Cockney Rejects were the embodiment of their environment from football to fighting, boxing to music they were in the thick of it. Mick Burgess caught up with lead singer, Jeff Turner, ahead of their headlining appearance of North East Calling in Newcastle to talk about the start of the band, Turner`s love of Classic Rock, working with UFOs Pete Way and their Heavy Metal sets with Anthrax. ....READ MORE


19. August 2017

It`s been over 30 years since Thunderstick`s last album but the masked drummer is uncaged once more.  While chained up at a safe distance away, Mick Burgess caught up with the mysterious skinsman to talk about his new album Something Wicked This Way Comes, his days in Samson and the ins and outs of drumming with Iron Maiden. ....READ MORE


31. July 2017

Having just completed another leg of his latest mammoth World Tour with Iron Maiden playing some of the biggest venues available you`d have though bassist STEVE HARRIS would put his feet up and relax for a while.  Harris has other ideas and is embarking on a club tour of the UK and Europe with his side project BRITISH LION.  Mick Burgess chatted to Harris ahead of his tour to talk about his love of the more intimate venues. ....READ MORE
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