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STEVEN WILSON On Being Kept Off The No.1 Spot By Elvis.

21. March 2018

Porcupine Tree main man, Steven Wilson, is riding the crest of a wave at the moment.  With three shows at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall and an album kept off the top spot by Elvis and Ed Sheeran, times have never been better for the Prog maestro.  Mick Burgess called Wilson ahead of his UK tour to talk about his tour and his latest and most successful album to date, To The Bone. ...READ MORE

DAN REED Talks Snake Oil and Harmony

19. February 2018

Dan Reed returns to the UK with Danny Vaughn for another run of their hugely successful Snake Oil and Harmony acoustic and story shows.  Mick Burgess caught up with Dan Reed to talk about the tour and the intriguing possibility of adding further singers to future tours. ...READ MORE

ULI JON ROTH Talks the Scorpions and New Electric Sun album.

10. December 2017

It`s almost four decades since the release of Tokyo Tapes, the classic live double from the Scorpions.  Former lead guitarist, Uli Jon Roth is back in the UK to perform music that he recorded with the Scorpions in the `70`s.  Mick Burgess called Uli ahead of the tour to talk about his days in the Scorpions and his plans for a new Electric Sun album. ...READ MORE

FRANCIS ROSSI (STATUS QUO) talks of life after Rick, playing with an orchestra and opening Live Aid.

28. November 2017

With the retirement and then death of his partner in crime, Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi decided to keep Status Quo on the road.  Their UK acoustic tour now converted into fully plugged in and electric shows is now underway.  Mick Burgess caught up with Rossi to talk about life after Rick Parfitt, next year`s 50th anniversary celebrations, playing with an orchestra and finally playing with the Frantic Four after over 30 years apart, not to mention how he felt opening Live Aid and appearing on his beloved Coronation Street. ...READ MORE

BRIAN DOWNEY (THIN LIZZY) Talks About New Band and Playing Again in Thin Lizzy

21. November 2017

As a founding member of Thin Lizzy, drummer Brian Downey played on all their albums from 1971`s debut album to Thunder and Lightning in 1983 and has seen guitarists come and go over the years.  He`s back with a new band, Alive and Dangerous and is touring to celebrate the music of Thin Lizzy.  Mick Burgess caught up with him ahead of his shows in London later this week to talk about his new band, how they formed as well as a whistle-stop run through the history of Thin Lizzy. ...READ MORE
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