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Electric Boys Frontman Conny Bloom About the 25th Anniversary For “Groovus Maximus”

7. February 2018

In a Funk filled few weeks that has seen Living Colour, Extreme and Dan Reed Network over in the UK, Sweden`s Electric Boys added to that rocking groove.  Mick Burgess sat down to talk to lead singer Conny Bloom during the tour to talk about the 25th anniversary of Groovus Maximus and the making of the album as well as the story behind their new single, Dishes and the progress of their forthcoming album. ...READ MORE

Geoff Tate about the making of “Operation Mindcrime”

3. February 2018

30 years ago Queensryche produced their career defining masterpiece, Operation Mindcrime, an album that not only helped create Progressive Metal but also was one of the finest Metal releases ever. The band that created that album may well have fractured since then but lead singer Geoff Tate had a ...READ MORE

Interview with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper)

31. December 2017

On stage with Alice Cooper for the first time in the UK in over 40 years, bassist Dennis Dunaway joined fellow original members Michael Bruce and Neal Smith for a triumphant 6 song encore.  Metal Express Radio`s Mick Burgess sat down with Dennis prior to the show to talk about the reunion of the ...READ MORE

Ross the Boss explaining band’s name change

17. December 2017

Ross the Boss (Manitoba) Mick Burgess chatted to Ross The Boss during Manitoba NYC’s recent UK tour where he spoke of the reason for changing the name of the band from Dictators NYC as well as the prospect of new music. He also talked of his time in Manowar and whether he’d perform with ...READ MORE
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