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The Friday Guest DJ Hour Show

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: AIRBOUND!

21. January 2018

Airbound is an Italian melodic hard rock band influenced by the likes of Journey and Survivor, but presented with personal and contemporary sound. This week  they host the Guest DJ Hour and we’ll play a sequence of tracks after the show from their self-titled debut album released in 2017. Tune ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: NIVIANE!

16. January 2018

NIVIANE (pronounced nih-vy-anne) is a power metal band from Sacramento, California. There’s a strong influence of Judas Priest , focus on the fantasy theme in lyrics and no compromise in sound – metal from first to last tune. Guitarist Gary Tarplee is our Guest DJ today and he’s going to lead ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: SYMETRIA!

8. January 2018

SYMETRIA is a New Jersey old school influenced  metal band. They absorb energy from classic bands like Anthrax and Overkill, mix it with 21st Century evolved understanding and much more desire to blow you on the face with metal – they love it and live it. SYMETRIA’s vocalist Vince is ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: SIFTING!

24. December 2017

SIFTING are a progressive metal band originally from Venezuella now based in Los Angeles, CA. They are strongly influenced by modern active rock – resembling Avenged Sevenfold but having their own original flavor and speeding up metal carrier.  They’ve picked their 10 most influential tracks ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: OPERUS

19. December 2017

OPERUS’ performance goes beyond traditional vision for metal and is a cross breed of metal band and travelling theatre troupe producing  a unique sound. All this comes  as a result of the band six members’ vast experience with metal bands, symphonic/chamber orchestras and musical theatres’ ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: LOU DIBELLO

11. December 2017

Lou DiBello has been active since the late 80’s. An honors graduate of the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, he’s been impressive with his hard rock and blues-influenced guitar playing. In 2017 DiBello released his 4th solo album Heat Wave showcasing he’s more than a local Central ...READ MORE
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