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The Friday Guest DJ Hour Show

This Week´s Friday Guest DJ Show Host: GRANNY 4 BARREL!

25. April 2018

Imagine if Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Alice Cooper had a grandmother that fronted a rock band…enter Granny 4 Barrel! A Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare – she is the Matriarch of Metal! “Granny is an alter-ego character, an amalgam of contradictions, a dichotomy of ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: DARK HOUND!

10. April 2018

Dark Hound is a metal band from Nashville, TN. Since releasing their first record in 2014 they’ve been “in their pursuit to kick asses, melt faces, and lay waste”.  Now they have come to produce the newest 2018 self-released album “Dawning”. Evan Hensley – a ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: REXORIA

1. April 2018

Frida Ohlin is lead vocalist and keyboardist for the Swedish melodic metal band REXORIA. This band was formed in 2016 and they incorporate some folk elements in raising their metal childs. After two EPs since foundation in 2018 REXORIA release their first full-length album “Queen Of ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: WILDESTARR!

27. March 2018

Back for a second Guest DJ Session is the husband and wife team of the US Metal powerhouse WildeStarr! Back again are guitarist Dave Starr (Vicious Rumors, Chastain) and vocalist London Wilde whom many regard as highly as Rob Halford, Dio, and Geoff Tate! WildeStarr released their latest album ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: JACOB CADE!

14. March 2018

“There is a new name about to burst on the rock scene, that mixes the styles of Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses – and that name is Jacob Cade. “Energetic rock n’ roll with a modern twist” is how this singer/guitarist/band leader from Colorado likes to describe his music. Cade is ...READ MORE

On This Week`s Friday Guest DJ Show: EVIL EYE!

4. March 2018

Evil Eye is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Central America influenced by Judas Priest, Accept and DIO. Jeremy J.F., the lead singer of the band, is this coming Friday Guest DJ Hour host to play his 10 most inspiring tracks. Evil Eye released in 2017 their “The Beginning Of The End” ...READ MORE

On This Week’s Guest DJ Show: St. Elmo’s Fire!

19. February 2018

St. Elmo’s Fire’s Jeff Jones is this week’s Guest DJ. The California based hard rock veterans emerged again in 2015 after 13 years of hiatus with re-issue of their four previous records, the latest one from 1992! In 2017 the band rose again stronger than ever with three new members and a ...READ MORE
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