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The Friday Guest DJ Hour Show

This Week’s Guest DJ Is Negacy!

11. May 2015

This week’s Guest DJs are vocalist Marco and guitarist Andrea from London’s Metal band Negacy.   The band was born in August 2005, playing, from the beginning, a dark modern Heavy Metal sound which is raw and noble at the same time. Their latest album, titled Negacy, is completely ...READ MORE

This Week’s Guest DJ Is He Films The Clouds

4. May 2015

This week’s Guest DJ is guitarist and founder Jacob Garcia from Southern California’s newest Metalcore band, He Films The Clouds.     Founded by Jacob Garcia in 2012, He Films The Clouds originated in Yucca Valley CA with fellow musicians from high-school. Many mishaps however ...READ MORE

This Week’s Guest DJ Is Mire

11. March 2014

This week’s Guest DJ is Montreal’s Mire! “It may not seem like an obvious choice for a band name, but for the Montreal Progressive Metal outfit Mire, it represents the starting point for most of life’s greatest creations.” “Two years in the making, Inward:Outward ...READ MORE

This Week’s Guest DJ Is Evil Conspiracy

19. January 2015

The guys from Sweden’s Metal band, Evil Conspiracy, are this week’s Guest DJs. The band was formed in 2002 and the band’s influences include Iron Maiden, Accept, Mercyful Fate and some Thrash influences. The band released their debut album, Prime Evil, back in July. Listen to the ...READ MORE
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