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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: ROSS THE BOSS – By Blood Sworn

17. April 2018

In a deliberate move to play to his long-time fans, with By Blood Sworn, Ross The Boss has produced a fun, throw-back album which draws heavily from his classical Manowar years. The vocal style (thanks to new RTB vocalist Marc Lopes), the guitar tones, drum sounds, and overall writing and arranging ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: TARA LYNCH – Evil Enough

10. April 2018

Evil Enough is the debut album from guitarist / vocalist Tara Lynch, and features an all-star lineup of band members and guest performers including Glen Sobel, Mark Boals, Vinny Appice, Tony MacAlpine, and Bjorn Englen. This Melodic Metal release, while bolstering an impressive, top-shelf ...READ MORE
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