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28. May 2018

What is a band supposed to do?  2018 marks the 35th anniversary of the release of Spear of Destiny`s debut album, Grapes of Wrath, so like most bands celebrating such a momentous landmark, it would be a reasonable expectation to mark that event in someway possibly by playing the album in full.   ...READ MORE

EDENTHORN On Recording Exist

24. April 2018

Durham based Modern Hard Rock band, Edenthorn, have just released their second album Exist.  Mick Burgess sat down with brothers Kyle and Mark Tague and brother/sister Fabia and Dylan Gardner to talk about the formation of the band, the recording of Exist and plans for the future. ...READ MORE


24. April 2018

First night nerves were nowhere to be seen as a confident Manic Street Preachers pulled off a stunning performance on the opening night of their latest tour, no doubt buoyed by the chart success of their current album Resistance Is Futile. Their latest release sees them looking back but also ...READ MORE


21. April 2018

It doesn`t seem that long ago that people were bemoaning the fact that no one ever comes to Newcastle.  More recently  the likes of the Think Tank, the Riverside and Jumpin’ Jacks have added to The Cluny, Trillians and the O2 Academy to provide a range of venues to suit bands of all statures. ...READ MORE


12. April 2018

First things first.  No, Fish is not the lead singer of Marillion and hasn`t been for nearly 30 years and 14 studio albums and no, they are not an `80`s Scottish Heavy Metal band. Now that those misconceptions are out of the way there`s the not so small matter of Marillion`s first show in the ...READ MORE


6. April 2018

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of This Was, the debut album from the world`s foremost flute fronted Folk Prog Rock band, Jethro Tull. Over the ensuing half century Tull went onto release a further 20 studio albums garnering a clutch of gold and platinum albums along the way as well ...READ MORE
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