NASSON (SINNER’S BLOOD): “I Think In Some Way, SINNER’S BLOOD Reflects A Lot Of The Struggles That The Songs Talk About”

Sinner's Blood
Photo: Rodrigo Basaure

Sinner’s Blood is the brainchild of Chilean multi-instrumentalist and producer Nasson. Nasson knew that when he was putting together the band that there was only one man for the vocalist position, his close friend James Robledo (Renegade, Thabu). The band’s debut album The Mirror Star promises to be diverse, powerful, and full of emotion and melody. There’s not much information about Sinner’s Blood on the Internet, so I went straight to mastermind Nasson himself to get the answers to all my questions.

Metal Express Radio: If I knew absolutely nothing about Sinner’s Blood, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Nasson: I’d say that Sinner’s Blood presents a modern twist on Melodic Metal, with a lot of energy, heavy riffs and powerful vocals!

MER: Sinner’s Blood is releasing their debut album The Mirror Star on October 9, 2020 through Frontiers Records. Can you describe the meaning behind the songs on the album…

“The Mirror” – The mirror is written from a perspective of guilt, and trying to carry on with your life even when those ghosts keep tormenting you.

“Phoenix Rise” – This is a very uplifting song. It’s about when you’re down and you feel the need to rise and leave behind your fears.

“Never Again” – This one talks about rebelling against what some society, hierarchy or oppressive hand might impose and taking control of our lives.

“Remember Me” – This is a song written to a beloved one. Might be a friend, family or anyone you want to make know that you’ll always be there, even when far away.

“The Path of Fear” – The path of fear is a way to describe what we’ve done with our world, and the fact that a lot of the damage we’ve done is irreparable, and we must deal with the consequences of that.

“Forever” – Forever is a fictional story about a man who falls in love with a star. This star shows the man the best of himself, so they meet every night and bid farewell to each other with the coming of the dawn. That is The Mirror Star from the title of the album.

“Kill or Die” – Kill or Die takes us to the battlefield and the rawness of the battle. No time to fear, but only the will to defeat and live to fight another day.

“Never Resting Soul” – This one talks about the feelings of a man who needs to find purpose again and relive the life he abandoned but always dreamed of.

“Who I Am” – This song comes from a place of deep sadness and guilt. A man who lost everything because of his own mistakes and the struggle with his inner demons.

“The Hunting” – The hunter is the past. The fears and uncertainty of yesterday overshadow the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

“Awakening” – Awakening talks about opening your heart to what the future might bring, even if it’s hard and painful at times and walking that road with pride.

MER: You wrote and produced The Mirror Star. Do you prefer to compose or produce music? Why?

N: The way I see it, composing and producing go hand in hand. They’re different stations of the same process. Working as a producer for other bands is very exciting and a path of learning from different musicians, I love it! But I think nothing can beat the fulfillment of completing your own pieces.

Photo by Rodrigo Basaure

MER: Do you produce any other projects outside of Sinner’s Blood?

N: I’ve been working with different bands for a long time. This is a big part of my life as a musician and I love doing it! I love learning from other visions and sometimes being the figure that takes somebody else’s work to reach higher limits.

MER: Did you shop Frontiers Records or did they find you?

N: My relationship with Frontiers started with my work as a producer on Chaos Magic’s Furyborn. I met with them in Italy after a tour (2018) and they were very pleased with my input on that album. From there we started talking about working on more records together and Sinner’s Blood was the first project I presented to the label.

MER: How did Sinner’s Blood form?

N: When talking with the label about making a record with me as a producer, we started looking for a singer and that’s when James came to the picture. I met with him in Chile and he was super excited with the idea. So I would say that the band started after those first meetings with James (late 2018). I started working on the songs, demoing vocals for James to record and after we had most of the songs for the album, I started looking for the rest of the guys to join the band.

Nico (bass) is a great friend of mine since high school, he’s a great musician and this was a perfect opportunity to work together for the first time. Guillermo (drums) is a very experienced drummer with whom I had the chance to play live a few years back. I knew he had this heavy touch and precision I wanted for these songs and a lot of the heaviness of the tracks rely on his playing.

MER: What was the inspiration behind the band name?

N: I think in some way, Sinner’s Blood reflects a lot of the struggles that the songs talk about. It is finely aligned with the character of the lyrics and shows some of the darkness of the themes in spite of the very melodic musical approach.

MER: I read that you will be a featured singer with the Vivaldi Metal Project. What exactly is that and who else is involved?

N: This is an amazing project led by my dear friend Mistheria. He’s an outstanding Italian musician and we’ve had the chance to play numerous shows together in Europe with Chaos Magic where I play bass and sing. In this project he takes classical pieces and twists them into epic and powerful Metal songs. There’s an enormous amount of talent involved in this, featuring musicians such as Mike Portnoy, Jeff Scott Soto, Zaher Zorgati, Alessandro del Vecchio or Andreas Kisser so I’m extremely excited to be part of it.

Sinner’s Blood is:

James Robledo – Vocals
Nasson – Guitar, vocals, keys
Nicolas Fischer – Bass, vocals
Guillermo Pereira – Drums

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