MORIFADE – Empire Of Souls

MORIFADE - Empire Of Souls
  • 8/10
    MORIFADE - Empire Of Souls - 8/10


IceWarrior Records
Release date: September 9, 2011

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Seven years is quite a long time to be officially absent. The Power Metal act Morifade is back and the reason for their past misgivings seem to be unimportant when considering their new album, Empire Of Souls. For Morifade, this album is a new beginning both due to their newly signed record deal and their new members on vocals and second guitar.

As for their musical style, you can just say that they kept themselves close to their past, but with a modest twist of musical modernity and elements of lyrical and musical maturity. Empire Of Souls sounds a bit heavier than prior albums while adding new dimensions that led them also into darker corners. Thanks to the great voice of Harry “Tyrant” Conklin’s Swedish counterpart, Kristian Wallin, and the addition of rather artistic-like riffs from the ex-Hypocrisy and Pain guitar man, Mathias Kamijo, they were able to achieve the changes that can take the band higher.

The production of Empire Of Souls is not far from utter perfection, as almost every channel recorded was inserted well into the mix, the exception being the lead vocal lines, which were rather behind. Nonetheless, that little weakness didn’t damage the listening experience as Empire Of Souls turns out to be something different than common Euro-Power Metal, or to be more accurate, the old image of Morifade. There were signs, however, of Euro-Power Metal moments that were quite exceptional, such as “Impact Of Vanity” and “Road Of Deception”. “Road Of Deception” is what Power Metal is all about, and “Impact Of Vanity” continued along the same lines … fast, great keys on the chorus, cool harmonies on the passages, and patterns catchy as hell — what else do you really need?

“The Dark Resignation” is one of the deeper tracks on the album. It reminded a lot of a mix between Stratovarius, Labyrinth, and Evergrey. The shimmering coldness along with its majestic image is something that was rarely seen from Morifade in the past. “My Silent Serenade”, not so silent as it turned out, is a theatrical-driven track. It has amazing mixes between the lead guitar and keyboards. Its chorus is absolutely profound and attractive, and that’s followed by a cool passage. Once again this is a dramatic turn of events for this band. Lastly worth mentioning, dark zones maintain their clutches with the opening lines of “Bleeding For Lust”, which also inspired greatly with its darkened theme.

After seven years of coma, Morifade comes back with a new image. Maturity can be a powerful thing and a strong ally. The band’s material has elevated from what it was in their earlier days and this is indeed a cause for celebration.


  1. Bleeding for Lust
  2. A Cry from the Void
  3. Come in Blood
  4. Fear Breeder
  5. My Silent Serenade
  6. Road of Deception
  7. Resemblance of Hate
  8. Impact of Vanity
  9. Strength in Solitude
  10. The Dark Resignation
  11. A Sinister Mind


Kristian Wallin – Vocals
Robin Arnell – Guitars
Mathias Kamijo – Guitars
Henrik Weimedal – Bass
Fredrik Eriksson – Keyboard
Kim Arnell – Drums


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