DORO – All We Are: The Fight

DORO - All We Are: The Fight
  • 7/10
    DORO - All We Are: The Fight - 7/10


Locomotive Records
Release date: December 12, 2007

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Very few Metal fans can possibly have escaped the Warlock track “All We Are” – in the anthem arena Rock-oriented 80s, the song still managed to stand out and secure a place amongst the better known.

Doro performed said song on TV with Schmier (Destruction), After Forever guitarist Bas Maas, and drummer Tim Husung as the entrance song for her friend, boxer Regina Halmich. Subsequently, this EP was released in Europe earlier this year and now also sees release in North America. This “new” version of “All We Are” seems mostly remixed rather than rerecorded as very little differs from the original; added subtle touches such as extra lead guitars, an added “audience” effect during the chorus, and an alternate, more abrupt ending (the ending faded out on the original) are the most audible differences.

This isn’t the first time Doro dedicated a song to Regina. The title track off of 2002’s Fight and “She’s Like Thunder,” as well as “The Queen,” which just has been released in Europe, all share this purpose.

“Thunderspell” is just one of the strong songs from Doro’s latest, impressive Warrior Soul release. A heavy, big-sounding mid-tempo track, which along with several other songs made the album a recent day equation of sorts to the Warlock classic Triumph And Agony.

“Everything’s Lost” is quite the typical Doro ballad with heavy leanings on keyboards/piano and Doro’s soulful delivery. A recipe that builds on the strong, often soundtrack-like imagery of Doro’s music. Still, though a good song, it’s probably the most forgettable non-cover track on offer here.

Never a stranger to fancy a duet and bringing pals along, “On My Own” is not just Doro on her own, but Doro sharing the mic with Luke Gazzer and Krokus frontman Marc Storace.

Moving along to the cover: “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is possibly as good of an example as anything that Led Zeppelin wouldn’t have had nearly as much impact had they came along in this day and age, but another strong delivery by Doro makes the rendition worthwhile at least for what it is.

Apart from the five audio tracks, the CD contains five video clips as well: “All We Are” and “Above The Ashes” both take plenty of scenery from last year’s 20 Years A Warrior Soul DVD release. “On My Own” and the edited version of “Warrior Soul” that worked as a promo video for said album, includes film clips from Anuk – Der Weg Des Kriegers (Anuk – The Warrior’s Way) that starred both Doro and Marc Storace. The clip most likely was not previously seen by the truest Doro nutter, but is probably “You’re My Family,” shot at Sweden Rock Festival 2006, and previously only available on a performance collection DVD of the festival. Featuring a rough sounding Doro with a cold here, she still looks splendid in full sunlight.

So, what’s the rating for a release like this? Obviously its meant as a “goodie” and a chance for diehards to pick up another item to add to the collection. As such, it does fill the criteria for a worthwhile release as it has enough previously unreleased material on there. More casual Doro followers are obviously better off purchasing a regular full-length instead. Force Majeure, Fight, and Warrior Soul are the ones probably most likened to Warlock in terms of musical direction, whereas the self-titled release and Angels Never Die offered more Melodic Hard Rock. Machine II Machine and Love Me In Black saw Doro venturing off into Industrial land. Calling The Wild has a little bit off everything, and True At Heart remains the album where Doro strayed most from her “norm,” relying much on Blues and Jazz influences. Make your pick!


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