ORATORIO – Redemption

ORATORIO - Redemption
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    ORATORIO - Redemption - 5/10


Rivel Records
Release date: July 7, 2007

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Oratorio was founded as early as 1998 in Nurmijärvi, Finland. The name Oratorio meaning a religious musical composition, the lyrical content in their songs evolves around sacred subjects. The band released one EP in 1999, before they signed to Rivel Records with their 2003 debut album, Reality Of Existence. In 2006 this Heavy/Melodic Metal band decided to hit the studio and the result is the recently released album called Redemption.

Listening to the record for the first time didn’t awake any particular thrill and after repeated listening of the album the feeling of dissatisfaction was still present. Even though there was a slight improvement from the first impression one is left feeling the same.

Oratorio’s sound could easily remind of Children Of Bodom and In Flames, also bands like Stratovarius and Iron Maiden have clearly been a source of inspiration to this Finnish quintet. The musical composition of the songs is rhythmically based, filled with open strings, harmonies and frequent use of twin guitars. There is also a good ensemble between the drums and the rhythm guitars. Unfortunately, the tracks seem to end up sounding all the same and the only track that somewhat sticks out is “Raw” only because this song is heavier than the rest of the album. It’s well composed and with clearly thought through details. A two-part vocal is present almost throughout the entire song that ends with a nicely done outro with Power Metal inspired drums. “Burning” is also worth mentioning. This is the only track where the band steps away from their safe side and dares to experiment with their music in different keys.

To be honest, technically they are quite skilled and the production is well done, but there is a lack of character and variety between the tracks, as well as the fact that the music sounds like so many other bands everyone has already heard before. Making Redemption just another average contribution to the Metal world.


  1. Cold State
  2. Burning
  3. Raw
  4. Inner Weakness
  5. Secrets
  6. Passing By
  7. Whispers In The Night
  8. Brothers
  9. Come Into My Heart
  10. Faceless
  11. Wicked


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