HJALLARHORN – Trilogy Of Lightning [Demo]

HJALLARHORN - Trilogy Of Lightning [Demo]


Release date: June 2006

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As soon as “The Horn” sounds off, it seems obvious that Hjallarhorn prefer Classic Heavy Metal. Shred-style riffing, as well as nice melodies played by lead guitarist Martin Krogh evoke visions of bands like Sabbath, early Maiden, early Metallica, or Motörhead (some of the solos remind of Dave Mustaine playing the guitar for Metallica).

The four-track demo, Trilogy of Lightning, makes you want to invite some friends over, open multiple cags of beer, lineup and bang your head –- to bad the four tracks (“The Horn,” “Iron Clad Soldier,” “Scathed and Torn,” and “Battle of Repulsion”) only last about 18 minutes.

The sound quality is excellent for a demo and this is surely no surprise, because the guys from Oslo already released a full CD called Six Track Metal Attack in 2004. The band was actually founded eleven years earlier. According to an official statement, Six Track Metal Attack received Class A reviews by Sweden’s Rock magazines … and so should this demo.

Well, the CD is not outstanding, but in times of indistinguishable Metal masses, this one is refreshingly Old School. Kjetil Krogvold makes the drums hop steadily and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dani Nielsen shreds the hell out of his instrument –- nice! Last but not least, his edgy vocals make this one a must buy. The Metal scene is looking forward to the day that Hjallarhorn releases their next longplayer.


  • Christian Mannsbart

    Christian was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of Würzburg, Germany. His brother introduced him to Heavy Metal. Ronnie James Dio’s Holy Diver made a big impression on him right from the beginning, and he has kept bangin' from the age of ten. He also plays the guitar from time to time.

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