CANNON – Back In Business

CANNON - Back In Business


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Release date: June 6, 2005

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With an intense cover of a volcano and a breaking flash of lightning, Cannon are set to release their new album called Back In Business on the 6th of June, 2005. Presumably the cover is inspired by their debut release, Thunder and Lightning, from 1988, and now the band is once again back in business …! This German band includes four stalwart guys with the typical “Rock of the 80s” look… the conventional tight jeans and black leather. The sad part is that the band is not back in business at all.

This is the second album out after the reunion of the band in 2003. Their album from last year, The History, got great reviews, and with such status, it is difficult to create a new CD that lives up to all the expectations. It’s not an album with all rubbish songs, the problem is that they just aren’t memorable. It feels like you’ve heard them all before. The music has got no nerve or attitude. It’s totally o.k. to listen to this album, but as soon it is out of the CD-player, it is forgotten. This is not a CD to get hooked on.

Besides that, this album contains some riffs that sound amazingly tight. The first track, “Rock Feelings,” has an intense bass line and screamy vocals. On “Back In Business,” the title track, Oliver Krueger serves some nice groovy guitar riffs together with catchy vocal lines and strong rhythms. This is possibly a song with some single potential.

Two other songs worth mentioning are, “Tears In Your Eyes” and “Black Leather Boys.” Both tracks are solid and up-tempo, but the rest of the songs do not really convince.

The songs are average/good, and what saves this record from being a total flop is the instrumental adventures along with some good riffs now and then. Sure, Cannon plays solid Hard Rock music, but there isn’t any brilliant composition or unforgettable hooks.

Cannon just do not successfully achieve the combination of solid songwriting and musicality in a strong enough way. There’s no doubt that these German rockers had their time of greatness in the 80s, but it’s like they are standing still, with no growth whatsoever… it’s like those guys still live in the 80s –- come on, move on! Hopefully their next album will be a major improvement.


Mat Rein Jaehnke – vocals
Steve Carrington – bass and keyboards
Walter Mueller – guitars and drums
Oliver Krueger – lead guitars


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