GOTHMINISTER – Empire Of Dark Salvation

GOTHMINISTER - Empire Of Dark Salvation


Tatra Records
Release date: April 4, 2005

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For normal people that enjoy the commercial Top 10 lists in music, Gothminister is just a band of freaks. However, behind all of their make-up and horrifying costumes, you’ll find amazing multi-talents and brave musicians. The Gothminister himself, being a successful lawyer, and his spouse Dementia (a.k.a. Sandra Jensen), is one of Norway’s most acknowledged artist photographers. The other four band members are known for producing music to playing in other bands like Disco Judas and the infamous Cumshots.

With a package like this, you’re bound to win, and Empire Of Dark Salvation, which is Gothministers second album, is most likely going to be their big international break through. Gothminister has already gotten fantastic critical acclaim in the International Press, and Metal Hammer UK stated that “the undead was reborn” after hearing Gothminister in 2003.

On this album, they got Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost) to co-mix their album, and that has without a doubt been a successful move. The overall sound of the album is tight with powerful production. Empire Of Dark Salvation presents itself as a very dark album, but then provides glorious glimpses of the beautiful Dementia Narcissus and her spooky angelic voice accompanied by Halfface on keyboards creating the dreamy atmosphere.

Both Android and Maschine on guitars and keyboard guitars, and the wicked Chris Dead on drums, are very present and loud on this album, but just enough to impress and not be forgotten, behind these two strong characters of Gothminister and Dementia.

This album might leave you with a feeling of being a bit too short. It has 12 tracks, but 3 of them are short intros. On the other hand, there are a few songs that stand out as hits. Both “We Die In Dreams” and “Dark Salvation” have the potential to become just as big and even bigger than Gothminister’s biggest hit to date, “Angel,” from the Gothic Electronic Anthems album. Ending it off is the perfect chaotic song, “Happiness In Darkness,” which just makes you smile at the thought of death and decay and the feeling that this world must be coming to an end.

Basically Gothminister brings out that little devil inside, but then you realize it’s all a show. Underneath it all we’re all just people. But for an hour or four it just has to be fantastic to be in Gothministers world. So join Metal Express as we enter the darkness with Gothminister LIVE in Oslo, Norway Saturday 12th of March. Review on that will follow!


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