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Release Date: April 4, 2005

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From the first track, “Worlds Are Comin’ Through,” you just know Liquid Monster is going to hit the spot. Percussionist Dieter Bernert’s precise drumming and Andreas Mailander’s bass guitar rumbling gives each track a strong, solid rhythm. Milan “Mille” Loncaric’s and Torsten “Todde” Ihlenfeld’s dual guitar assaults are masterpieces in harmonization, synchronization, and good old fashioned teamwork — with perhaps some psychic ability thrown in for good measure. There are some fantastic rhythm guitar riffs that even the greatest rhythm guitarist around (Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer for all you who just went “Huuuh?”) would be proud to claim. For example, just listen to the guitar intro, bridges, and solo within “Lifeline” to hear a dual guitar assault you would be hard pressed to hear played any tighter … and check out the intricately technical riff in “Mask Of Life” to hear guitar wizardry at its finest.

Additionally, you have Andy B. Franck on vocals; the name says it all. Andy’s raw talent, his extensive range, and vocal power has the ability to stop you in your tracks and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Andy’s voice has been likened to Kamelot’s Roy Khan, which is a fair comparison. However, Andy’s vocals, combined with the rest of Brainstorm’s aural output, has the effect of raising the bar on the Kamelot’s and other bands of this genre.

Aiding Andy’s vocals, Todde and Mille show they are not just proficient guitarist, but accomplished vocalists as well. As backing vocalist go, there are not many others who blend in so well with the lead singer. Their backing vocals not only compliment Andy’s, but seem to give it extra build and power, kinda like adding a turbo and nitrous injector to an already supercharged engine!

What musical genre do Brainstorm slot in you may ask? Power Metal seems the most appropriate tag to label their music … not the frilly shirt type of Power Metal, but the testosterone-fuelled, in-your-face Power Metal, with “Lifeline,” “Despair To Drown,” and “Even Higher” being most dominant of this powerful creation. The rest of the tracks are not just fillers either, oh no: “All Those Words” and “Heavenly” are the closest you are going to get to ballads on Liquid Monster, and even these are delivered with plenty of power and energy by the band. Adding to the mix in “All Those Words” is female vocals from Carmen Schafer, which gives the song a haunting, operatic melody, and if you don’t get the shivers listening to this track, then check your pulse!

The German’s have a term they use called ‘Ear Worm’ — this is when you get a piece of music rolling around your head that won’t go away. Brainstorm have created one of the finest ‘Ear Worms’ in Liquid Monster, but this is one ‘Ear Worm’ you will be quite happy to have rolling around in your head for a long time!

Brainstorm are about to embark on a large scale tour during the rest of 2005. To be sure, Metal Express Radio will cover one of their gigs, so watch out for the Brainstorm – Live review, hopefully coming your way soon.


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