SPEED KILL HATE – Acts Of Insanity

SPEED KILL HATE - Acts Of Insanity


Escapi Music
Release date: February 2, 2005

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Speed Kill Hate was born when guitarist Dave Linsk of Overkill realized some of the songs he was writing for Overkill just didn’t fit their musical direction. As the tracks were strong, Dave decided to put them to use somewhere else. He was joined by Overkill’s drummer, Tim Mallare, and recorded the songs. Then another Overkill member, bass player Derek Tailer, came in and replaced the bass tracks. Now the hunt for the voice of Speed Kill Hate began, and several guys demo’ed for the gig, even Billy Milano (Stormtroopers Of Death.) Then Dave turned to lifelong friend Mario Frasca, whom he had worked with under the Anger On Anger banner years before. Mario’s Hardcore singing style was the last key ingredient needed, and Acts of Insanity was born.

Speed Kill Hate rejuvenates the Thrash genre by bringing something new to the scene. Their sound is quite unique as they manage to merge the intensity and hunger of a brand new band with the power and maturity of an established act, and they have rightfully been compared to Thrash Metal legends like Anthrax, Slayer, and Pantera. The well-produced songs are really intense, with uncompromising riffs, thunderous drums, and Hardcore vocals combined with impressive melody lines.

The album kicks off with one of its strongest tracks, “Walls of Hate,” which demonstrates the level of anger and hatred to expect for the next 37 minutes. The opening riff is bound to make mosh pits go crazy! This journey of anger then continues with highlights like “Violence Breeds,” “Slay The Enemy,” and “Won’t See The Fear.” The overall quality of each track is so good that it is almost impossible to say which one is the strongest on the album. Still, “Face The Pain” manages to stand out as the most memorable song of them all. This song seems to capture the true essence of Speed Kill Hate, with its technically impressive riffs and beats, combined with a Hardcore Punk feel.

To sum it all up, Acts of Insanity is one of the better Thrash albums out there. The raw energy is comparable only to albums such as Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power. This is likely the album you would find on Darth Vader’s iPod!


Dave Linsk – guitars
Mario Frasca – vocals
Derek Tailer – bass
Tim Mallare – drums


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