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DIRTY PENNY - Take It Sleezy

Metal Express Rating: 8.5/10

Release Date: 2007-07-13


Email: scott (at) metalexpressradio (dot) com


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Independent If you’re one of those music fans who doesn’t surf the band pages on regularly or perhaps doesn’t even have a MySpace page, you might not have noticed that “Glam/Sleaze Rock” is trying to make a strong comeback. Plenty of indicators have their needles floating in the red that would predict this is the case. An overwhelming amount of bands denote “Glam” and/or “Sleaze” as their musical genre on their band pages on; Perris Records has several Glam Rock releases currently in the works, the 272 Records label has released Glamnation Vol. 1 (a Metal Express Radio review is forthcoming) with no less than twenty-three bands represented on it! A fair amount of these young upstarts are from the country of Sweden. One, strangely enough, is coming out of the state of California (USA), the very state that was home to a massive slew of 80’s “Hair Metal” bands. If Dirty Penny plays their cards right, they could be at the forefront of this Glam Revolution if the quality of their debut release, Take It Sleezy, is any indication.

Perusing the Take It Sleezy cover will definitely inspire thoughts of Mötley Crüe, minus the leather, and in fact that’s not a completely far-fetched comparison. On Take It Sleezy, Dirty Penny offers up twelve tracks of straight-ahead, basic but fun as Hell, “Shout-riffic, Party Rock!" These boys know how to have fun! Just check out their site name for a hint of their comical nature!

It will be fairly obvious from the opening cowbell sound that their musicianship, while confident, tight and professional, won’t win any “complexity awards,” but with fun-filled tracks like “Midnight Ride,” “Runnin’ Wild,” “Scream & Shout,” and “Vendetta” that inspire the type of aura typically only associated with classic releases like Too Fast For Love, who cares? Singer “Binge Daniels,” whose “name” instills memories of riding the “porcelain bus” after a night full of J.D., sounds confident, a bit like a whinier Vince Neil and seems poised to take on the world. Production, handled by Melodic Rock singer/producer/engineer Johnny Lima, shines in it’s own right. Lima was also involved in some of the songwriting, which perhaps accounts for some of the release’s commercial appeal.

With twelve tracks onboard, there truly isn’t an awful one amongst the bunch. The weakest track is “Black N’ Blue,” which incorporates a little Blues and harmonica into the mix. The track is commendable, but it just doesn’t mesh with the attitude that the remaining songs exude. The band has also refrained from including any typical “ballads,” with the only exception being the acoustic version of “Sleeze Disease,” which is a follow-up to the plugged-in version appearing earlier on this disc. The acoustic version is the last track on the disc, so it can easily be overlooked, but it does in fact come across in a very appealing manner.

Bottom line, it’s nice to come across a release that doesn’t require a musical P.H.D. to listen to and one that provides a lot of entertainment in the form of “F-U-N.” With a successful Rocklahoma 2007 appearance already in the bag, Dirty Penny is destined for bigger and better things, if they can distance themselves from the Mötley Crüe sound and image. Definitely the best Glam/Sleaze release of 2007, especially for an Independent contender! Do yourself a favor and head over to their MySpace sight and grab a copy of this before they are all out!

Want a second opinion from another Metal Express Radio Crew member? Check out Allyson B. Crawford’s Take It Sleezy review.

Binge Daniels -Vocals
Jonny Prynce - Guitar
Tyno Vincent - Bass
Spanky Savage - Drums
Johnny Lima – Production, Mix, Engineering

To find out more about Dirty Penny, visit their their MySpace site at

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User Comments

Posted by kurse Johnney on 07/01/2009 20:42:39

hey man i love this band and to be olny 17 yearz old and to be in a glam band must say somthing about my devotion to good glam and sleeze rock i wear my dirty penny gear all the time these guyz rock hxc

Posted by Atruemetalfan on 19/09/2008 19:12:46

I love this band im usually more of an Iced Earth type but i also love hair bands this is a great cd meet the guys in OKC they were a great bunch of dudes and i would love to see them live again Jack sorry to say it but your right out wrong they are a good band and thats all there is to that

Posted by Pete Sleaze on 28/10/2007 11:00:56

A definite MUST HAVE for glam fans and a sure candidate for my personal Top 10 of 2007. Here's the link to another great review from the hand of my fellow Rock Report scribbler KVK:

Posted by Ashley Yochum on 01/10/2007 10:40:19

Dirty Penny has an amazing unique sound. I have had there CD since Rocklahoma and, let me tell you, I haven't stopped enjoying it yet! My favorite song would have to be there two-step, Black 'N' Blue. This song gets me on my wild side. However I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a whole CD before. Dirty Penny, though, has won my heart. I am in love with every single track. I have much love for these boys!! From personal experiance, these boys are going to see there names in lights. Good Luck Boys!! Love, Bam Bam

Posted by Scott/MER on 03/09/2007 16:26:47

Jack, if you don't consider it possibly the best glam/sleeze release OF 2007... then which band do you think earned that title? Sounds like you're displaying the old "tell me there's a problem and not offer any suggestions" mentality ;-)

Posted by Jack on 02/09/2007 19:26:44

Dirty Penny are a good live band, there's no doubt about it, but best glam/sleaze release? Hardly. The album is fairly generic and pretty much sounds like it could have been thrown in along side the worst of the 80's. A few tracks on the album are fairly good but even when they do manage to get that glam metal feel right, they tend to screw it up somehow. "Sleeze Disease" is the worst song on the album (with the acoustic version even worse. It's painful to hear honestly) and "Black N' Blue" isn't far behind. The only thing that makes "Black N' Blue" bareable is that I laugh every time I hear "back that ass up over here and I'll take it for a ride." "Midnight Ride," "Vendetta," and "Running Wild" are all solid tracks but every thing else tends to blur into cliche glam. It's an alright release and I listen to it from time to time because, as you said, it is just a fun, party rock album. It isn't amazing and there are many better glam bands than Dirty Penny. And they can hardly be called sleaze. I can't blame them for trying to be associated with the term since every 80's-esque band tries to lump themselves with this new movement. Some of the bands succeed in having a genuinely sleaze oriented sound, while others fail by ripping off Motley Crue and Poison way too much. Dirty Penny are sadly one of those bands. Decent enough glam band, but really, every other fucking 80's style band tries to jump on the sleaze bandwagon 'cause of the negative attitude to glam in general. Just accept it, they sound like every other glam band. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, let's just drop the sleaze talk, okay?

Posted by Angee aka guitar Chaser on 02/09/2007 18:58:22

I also have this CD. I was an instant fan of Dirty Penny. I am an original "Youth Gone Wild", and am partial to 80's music. Dirty Penny takes that classic sound, adds new lyrics, throws in hot guys, and shows us that sleeze glam is still alive! That turned my head! I usually don't pay much attention to new bands, but now I have found myself forcing every person I can find to listen...they are NEVER disappointed! Love these boys!

Posted by Michael "Sinn" Seven on 02/09/2007 15:02:09

I agree! There is NOT a weak song on this whole album! I'm guitarist & founder of Metal band Blakk Roze ( and was also involved in the 80's & early 90's 'Hair Metal" (never got called that till sometime in the 2000's, lol) and I got this CD sent to me autographed by all 4 and have given Binge 10,000 props. Yeah baby, looks like the REAL Metal is coming back stronger than ever and if this is any indication, it's here to stay on top 4-Eva!

Posted by Evil on 02/09/2007 14:25:08

Dirty Penny kicks ass! I have seen them 16 times in the last 6 months! Check out their street team we together will get these boys out there!! And baby I'll sadle up ANY TIME!!!

Posted by Sweet Rachel on 02/09/2007 14:18:31

U know i have this cd and it kicks ass..Every song on it brings back the glam and i feel like the 80's are back..This CD is one everyone should have..I brought it at the Cruefest and play it all the time..Dirty Penny Rocks !! and i will stand behind this band anytime. A fan for life.. XoXo Sweet Rachel

Posted by chris on 02/09/2007 07:16:57

hell ya good review dirty is the shit best live band ever. Black n blue is an awesome song sing it to your gf and you'll have a hella of a night def not a weak track! i think the guy reviewing this jus never had a girl sadle up n get on top b4!

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