Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: OVERTURES – Artifacts

  • 4/10
    OVERTURES - Artifacts - 4/10


Sleaszy Rider Records
May 24th, 2016
Maxxxwell Carlisle (at) MetalExpressRadio.com

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Overtures ArtifactsThe Italian Power Metal quartet known as Overtures, presents fans with “Artifacts”. The group seems to have stuck with a formula for their songwriting on “Artifacts”, unfortunately it was the wrong formula. It’s not good enough to be uplifting, not bad enough to get you angry… in the end you just have a rather unsatisfying listening experience. There are some good moments to be sure, but the overall delivery of Overture’s brand of Prog-Power Metal just seems forced and uninspired. Vocalist Michele Guaitoli, while he certainly isn’t bad in any technical sense, simply sounds melodramatic and disingenuous.

Most of the songs are in the same key and a thunderous, bass-heavy mix does nothing to help the down-tuned guitar riffs. The album has a bright spot at the end with “Angry Animals”, but in all honesty, few listeners will have the patience to get that far into the disc. It’s a good album for people who only want to pretend they like Metal.


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