Daily Album Premiere Thursday: WINGS OF DESTINY – Kings Of Terror

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    WINGS OF DESTINY - Kings Of Terror - 8/10


Kings Of Terror
Prog Power
May 17th, 2016
Maxxxwell Carlisle (at) MetalExpressRadio.com

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Wings-Of-Destiny-Kings-Of-TerrorFrom Costa Rica, Wings Of Destiny presents fans with their 2nd album, Kings Of Terror. This is a strong release and they are clearly out to make a positive statement for the Costa Rican Power Metal scene. The album opens with “Angels And Demons” and it’s a Classic Power Metal full-throttle opening track. The pace remains high for the first half of the album before things slow down a bit with more mid-tempo tracks and even a couple of ballads. Throughout the album, Wings Of Destiny consistently craft melodic yet aggressive songs with some unique arrangements and song structures, keeping things interesting in an otherwise high derivative sub-genre.  Vocals and lyrical themes are heavily Euro-influenced and expertly performed, reminiscent of Symphony X .  The album also includes some short and tastefully placed Black Metal style vocals, which serve to break up the more standard fare Power Metal delivery.

The full album contains two versions of “Angels And Demons”, and the early-release single version features guest vocals by Rhapsody Of Fire singer Fabio Lione. While his performance is excellent, it really doesn’t  add much to the album. His guest appearance is no doubt due to the benefit of his fame within the Power Metal genre.

While staying true to the roots and standard influences of Power Metal, Wings Of Destiny have delivered a well-performed and fresh-sounding album that will no doubt be a fine and lasting addition to their catalog, and to the Power Metal fan base at large.


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